Frank Warren labels Mike Tyson 'a thug, a bully and a misogynist'

‘He’s a thug, a bully and a misogynist’: Frank Warren slams ‘homophobic’ and ‘manipulative’ boxing superstar Mike Tyson … as he claims the former world champion ‘p****d his career away’

  • Frank Warren has slammed Mike Tyson as a ‘terrible manipulative bully’ 
  • The legendary promoter was heavily critical of the former world champion
  • A new series depicting Tyson’s life, titled ‘Mike’, was released last week
  • ‘He is what he is, a thug, a bully and a misogynist,’ claimed a scathing Warren

 Frank Warren has slammed former boxing superstar Mike Tyson and labelled him a ‘terrible manipulative bully’.

Warren, the legendary promoter and boxing manager was responsible for promoting Tyson’s fights in Britain.

After a new series titled ‘Mike’, depicticing Tyson’s life was launched by Disney-owned streaming service Hulu last week, Warren was scathing in his assessment of the 56-year-old when questioned.

Frank Warren has called former boxing superstar Mike Tyson a ‘terrible manipulative bully’

‘He is a terrible manipulative bully,’ Warren told The Guardian. ‘Every fighter that’s beaten him, he couldn’t intimidate.

‘Everyone who he’s beaten, he could intimidate. If he can’t intimidate you, that’s a killer for him.’

Warren, who was infamously once punched by Tyson in a hotel room after a disagreement between the pair over Tyson’s jewellery bill, demonstrated no love was lost between the pair.

Warren used to promote Tyson’s fights in Britain and was once infamously punched by him

He added: ‘He is a compelling character, and he’s one of those fellas who gets you to feel that he’s misunderstood but, when you get into it, he is what he is, which is a thug and a bully and a misogynist.

‘He’s very homophobic when he’s cursing somebody or he’s shouting at them.’

Tyson, who ended his career with a record of 50 wins and six losses was a world champion multiple times, but Warren criticised his attitude and believes Tyson could’ve been even better.

Warren said: ‘He was an unbelievably exciting fighter – menacing, devastating – but that lasted a very short time, and then he just p****d his career away.

‘He didn’t live the life he should have led. You could sit with him right now and you’d think this guy’s totally been misunderstood, he’s a good bloke.

‘I’m telling you, he’s very manipulative.’

Warren was responsible for promoting Tyson’s fights in Britain during the American’s career

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