Hearn insists Wilder 'has lost his mind' after public row with Breland

Eddie Hearn insists Deontay Wilder ‘has lost his mind’ after ‘bizarre’ public row with Mark Breland as he hits out at heavyweight for calling himself a ‘king’ and ruining his ex-trainer’s legacy with claims that he spiked his water before Tyson Fury defeat

  • Deontay Wilder this week reiterated his theory Mark Breland spiked his water
  • Wilder’s comments came after his sacked ex-trainer Breland ridiculed his ability
  • Eddie Hearn has weighed-in on the row by claiming Wilder’s lost his mind
  • The promoter criticised the former champion for tarnishing Breland’s legacy 

Eddie Hearn has insisted Deontay Wilder has ‘completely lost his mind’ after the former heavyweight champion doubled down on his theory that his ex-trainer Mark Breland spiked his water before his defeat against Tyson Fury because he was jealous.  

Breland was sacked by Wilder as his co-trainer last year after throwing in the towel in the seventh round when Tyson Fury was dominating their heavyweight rematch – but the pair’s ongoing dispute has escalated into a public bust-up.

Wilder has concocted myriads of excuses to blame his first heavyweight defeat on – one of which was that Breland spiked his water with muscle relaxers, something his former trainer has hotly denied.

Eddie Hearn said Deontay Wilder’s lost his mind after weighing-in on his row with Mark Breland

Wilder (L) reiterated this week that he thinks Breland spiked his water before Tyson Fury loss

Breland, who had worked with Wilder since he turned professional and helped guide to the WBC title, remained quiet for some time but finally broke his silence earlier this month when he brutally pilloried his limited boxing ability and training methods. 

The Bronze Bomber responded by reiterating his accusation against Breland, telling 79SPORTS TV: ‘I told Jay Deas (head trainer), “I believe Mark did something to my water”. I’m telling you brother, I know how I felt in that ring. That wasn’t me.

‘It’s all making sense now, of all the actions this dude had. He’s been envying me, he’s been jealous of me, bro, and now all this s*** is truly coming out.’ 

Wilder also said Breland was jealous of him after he ridiculed his ability and training methods


– Breland won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

– He is a two-time WBA welterweight world champion 

– The American ended his pro career with 35 wins, 3 defeats and 1 draw

– Had worked with Wilder since he turned pro and helped guide him to the WBC heavyweight world title 

Now Matchroom boss Hearn has weighed-in on the ‘bizarre’ situation and blasted Wilder for tarnishing the legacy of former world champion Breland with his allegations.

Speaking to iFL TV, Hearn said:  ‘I listened to Deontay Wilder’s interview last night. It was so bizarre. I don’t like it really, because Mark Breland — for a lot of people who are a little bit younger than me, you probably never got the chance to watch Mark Breland fight. What a fighter. And a good boxing man, he’s dedicated his whole life to the sport.

‘I kind of feel a bit bad that it’s kind of ruined his legacy. In the future, when you talk about Mark Breland, you wont’ be saying this guy was WBA world champion and what a great fighter and he was a good trainer, you’ll be saying this is the guy Wilder accused of spiking his drink.’

He continued: ‘Go and listen to that interview by Deontay Wilder last night. He’s completely lost his mind. Completely lost his mind. When you start talking about yourself in the third person — “Let me tell you what kings do” — what are you talking about? Kings? “Yeah because I’m a king”, you’re not king, mate. You got beat. You could become king, but you’re not at the moment.

‘He’s like, “The reason Mark Breland’s doing this, and I thought this all along, he’s actually jealous of me,” so what he threw the towel in and he spiked your drink because he was jealous of you? 

‘I couldn’t believe it when I listened to it. I couldn’t believe it.’  

Wilder’s comments came after Breland told The Fight is Right: ‘His career is done now, so, I’m done and he’s done. I’m done with him. One thing you all like to say [about Wilder] is that, he’s got a lot of power and that’s all. I wish him well and that’s it. Only got his power and we’ll see how far that takes him, that’s all I’m going to say.

‘If I boxed the guys he boxed, I’d beat them. That’s the bottom line. He doesn’t jump rope, he doesn’t hit the speed bag and he doesn’t hit the heavy bag.’

Wilder sacked Breland after he threw in the towel in his seventh-round defeat against Fury 

Matchroom boss Hearn slammed Wilder for tarnishing Breland’s legacy with his accusations

The former WBC world champion’s bitter back and forth with Breland marks another low point in what has been a difficult 12 months in his career after being stripped of his title by Fury and becoming a figure of ridicule for the many excuses he’s come out with since his defeat.

As well as his claim against Breland, Wilder has also said that his ring-walk costume was too heavy, Fury had put egg weights in his gloves, referee Kenny Bayless was bias and that he was suffering with a bicep injury.

It remains to be seen where Wilder goes from here as he is right now not in the heavyweight world title picture with Fury set to fight Anthony Joshua next for the undisputed championship.

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