Hearn retiring from boxing ‘might not be far away’ despite White comparisons

Eddie Hearn could well retire from promoting boxing in the "next few years", according to his father Barry, who compared his son to UFC icon Dana White.

Eddie has become one of the sport's most recognisable figures in recent years having represented some of boxing's biggest names. Through his work with Matchroom Sport, the promoter has joined forces with the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua and current WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

His successful career has also seen him land lucrative broadcast deals with Sky Sports and current partner DAZN, which have resulted in the 42-year-old amassing an estimated net worth in the region of £45million. However, despite his tender years, his father Barry believes Eddie is approaching the twilight of his career in boxing.

Speaking on the Gary Newbon Sports Show with Jewson, Barry attributed his son's success to his relentless work ethic before comparing him to "the UFC man" White. However, the 73-year-old, who founded Matchroom Sport, claimed Eddie could call time on his promoting career in "the next few years" as the demands of the job are taking their toll.

Barry said: "He’s a proper Hearn. He doesn’t leave a tenner on the table. He doesn’t go home until the job is done.

"Our work ethic – it’s known in the industry that no-one works harder than we do. We’re not necessarily geniuses, we just put in a hell of a lot more hours. And Eddie has paid his dues and come out as a global promoter.

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"I don’t think there has ever been a boxing promoter like Eddie, because he is literally everywhere. One minute he’s in Mexico for Matchroom Mexico, then he’s in Italy and Spain, and now we’re talking about shows in Japan and we’re off to Australia. He is the UFC man, if you like, of today’s world.

"Eddie loves it, but I don’t think he’ll last as long as I did or you did [Newbon] in boxing. I think five, six, seven more years and maybe he’ll burn out because it’s a cauldron of pressure on him all the time."

While Eddie is often regarded as the face of British boxing, White's work in UFC have seen him shoot to stardom. The 52-year-old, who currently holds the post of UFC President, has helped transform the sport into a popular multibillion-dollar enterprise and establish a personal net worth estimated to exceed $500m.

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