Jack Catterall believes there's 'corruption' in boxing after defeat

‘For him to say the fight was close, it SICKENS me’: Jack Catterall hits out at the chief of the British Boxing Board of Control, who are investigating his controversial defeat by Josh Taylor… as he claims there’s ‘corruption’ in the sport

  • Josh Taylor beat Jack Catterall via points decision to retain his title belts
  • Many felt Catterall had done enough in the fight to deserve the win
  • The British Boxing Board of Control are investigating the judges’ scores
  • Chief Robert Smith though has said that the fight was ‘close’
  • Catterall has hit back at Smith saying he was sickened by his comments

Jack Catterall believes there’s corruption in boxing after his controversial defeat to Josh Taylor. 

Many felt Catterall had done enough to win the fight which he lost via a split-decision, with Taylor retaining his light-welterweight belts.

The British Boxing Board of Control are investigating the fight with general secretary Robert Smith ‘very surprised’ at the scoring from judge Ian John-Lewis.

Jack Catterall was ‘sickened’ by comments from the British Boxing Board of Control over the scoring of the bout

John-Lewis will be called to explain why he gave it to Taylor by 114-111.

Smith, when talking to talkSport, added that there no corruption from officials and that the fight was closer than many have suggested.

Catterall, asked to give his opinions on Smith comments, also told talkSport: ‘I’ve got a lot of respect for Rob and the British Boxing Board, but I’m losing confidence in them now.

‘Robert Smith saying the fight was close – there’s not one other person, promoter, journalist, broadcaster, fight fan who even had it remotely close.

‘For him to say the fight was close, it just sickens me. I don’t know what fight he was watching, we all saw the reaction ringside from the promoters, from Sky, from the commentators. It’s just sickening.’

Josh Taylor was controversially awarded victory via split decision against Jack Catterall

Catterall had the better of the fight and even knocked Taylor down in the eighth round

He went on to add: ‘I think there’s a lot of incompetence in boxing and how it’s regulated.

‘And I also do believe there’s some kind of corruption. I’m not quite sure where it’s coming from right now.

‘I’ve got a lawyer working with us and hopefully we’ll get some kind of justice.

‘It’s never gonna bring back Saturday night, but something needs to be done, somebody needs to find out where the corruption is coming from and how we can get rid of it from the sport.’

The other two judges marked the contest closer, with Howard Foster going for Catteral by 113-112 and Victor Laughlin giving it to Taylor by 113-112.

The board does not have the power to overturn the result but does regularly investigate scoring after controversial decisions.

Taylor has taken to Instagram to say he accepts that ‘many fans believe Jack deserved the decision’ at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro but that this did not excuse personal attacks.

Catterall (left) believes there’s ‘incompetence’ and ‘corruption’ in boxing

After watching re-runs, the Scot still believes he ‘won a very close fight’ but congratulated ‘helluva fighter’ Catterall ‘on a great fight’ in which he ‘rose to the occasion’.

British Boxing Board chief, Smith said: ‘I’m very disappointed with comments made with regards to corruption.

‘I don’t believe any corruption with regards to our officials over here, they just scored it how they saw.

‘I’m not making any excuses for the judges, I thought Jack won the fight and that’s why we’re looking at the scorecards and asking for an explanation. But it’s a closer fight than what I’ve read.

‘I can fully understand Howard Foster’s scorecard (113-112 to Catterall), I can fully understand Victor Loughlin’s scorecard (113-112 to Taylor).

‘But I am surprised at Ian John-Lewis’ scorecard (114-111 to Taylor) and that’s why we’re gonna make that investigation.’

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