Jake Paul claims Ben Askren will forfeit entire purse if he uses MMA tactics

Jake Paul has claimed that Ben Askren will be forced to forfeit his purse if he uses MMA tactics during their upcoming fight.

YouTube star Paul will take on the former wrestler in Atlanta on Saturday in his third bout as a professional boxer.

Askren initially claimed that he would be permitted to use MMA moves such as takedowns or slams against Paul in the encounter.

But speaking to MMA Junkie, Paul insisted this was not the case, saying: "I don’t think the fight will last long enough for him to even think about taking me down.

"We just signed the bout agreement days ago. He will lose his purse if he does that. … If he does do something like that, his purse is eliminated in the bout agreement.

"If he wants to lose all the money for the fight, then sure, go ahead. I am beating him up in wrestling shoes. He’s going to get beat up in wrestling shoes, which I think is hilarious."

However, shortly after those Jake comments Askren responded on Twitter by simply posting: "This is false", and there appears to be some confusion over what the actual rules will be on the night.

Regardless, Paul appears confident that he will continue his 100% record as a fighter and add victory over Askren to his wins against AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson.

“I don’t think Ben will be able to get near me,” he added. “My distance control is 10 times better than his. And if he does, he’s going to get busted up on the inside.

"That’s one thing we really worked on in this camp is my inside fighting game. He can come in, but he’s going to get cracked. If he wants to hold me, he’s just going to be losing by points."

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