Jake Paul ‘detached bare-knuckle fighter’s lip’ in brutal sparring session

Jake Paul detached the lip of a bare-knuckle boxing star during a sparring session in preparation for his victory over former UFC star Ben Askren.

The YouTube star is currently preparing to face his toughest test against rising star Tommy Fury on December 18 in Florida.

He defeated former UFC stars Askren and Tyron Woodley earlier in his career to set up the clash with Fury and make a name for himself in the boxing world.

Bare-knuckle boxing fighter Jake Bostwick has recalled a sparring incident with Paul in preparation for his 2020 encounter, where he was shocked by the power of the YouTube star.

“He was sparring with some guys in Miami not far from me and I was hearing that he was lighting some people up and giving out some really good work,” Bostwick told Cene Magazine.

“He needed some more sparring partners and they were feeling out some guys – this was for the Ben Askren fight – so I got a couple of messages saying there was a good opportunity to come down for some sparring with Jake Paul.

“So I was down for it, but the guy said ‘Listen, the guy can box, please don’t think he can’t’. And this was coming from a professional coach, a guy I know.

“I was driving down there and I was nervous, it’s like an hour drive, and I was thinking ‘Oh, there’s gonna be all these cameras and all his boys, I really need to show up. We did three solid rounds and he caught me with some shots!

“He hit me with an uppercut and detached my top lip! He caught me with some s***! I was like ‘What the f***?'"

Bostwick currently fights in the BKFC and is awaiting his next contest after previously being flown out to spar with the Pauls in preparation for their high-profile events.

Paul is in training to face Fury later this month looking to add a sizeable scalp to his professional resume in his bid to become a boxing world champion within ten fights.

His reputation alongside brother Logan in the sport has been poorly received at times coming under fire frequently.

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However the younger sibling is keen to show he is taking the sport "seriously" and is not willing to stage any further exhibition fights.

"I would describe his boxing career as something he does for entertainment, for fun and because he loves it. Mine is a lot more serious. I want to become a world champion, 10-0 and retire undefeated," he told Seconds Out.

"He started his career of a loss, so it's a little hard to come back from that. But he's still a great fighter and he still sells tons of pay-per-views.

"I feel like there's a healthy rivalry in everything we do, I think we're each other's biggest competitors because who else is doing what we're doing?

"So he's got a bright future in the sport, as crazy as it is."

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