Jake Paul tears into Tommy Fury with new ‘fight offer’ after he rejected $1m

Jake Paul has made a mockery of Tommy Fury once more after pictures of the ex-Love Island star using a cheap American airline surfaced on social media.

Paul, also known as 'The Problem Child', remains undefeated since his transition from YouTube star to boxing professional, and his next target appears to be the half-brother of heavyweight Tyson, who fights Deontay Wilder this Sunday.

Fury also has a faultless record himself, but initially turned down Paul's lucrative offer to fight him in America for $1m (£736,000) after the pair went back and fourth at each other online.

However, Paul has now mocked his potential opponent with a new offer after seeing Fury use a low-budget airline.

Paul took to his Instagram story to humiliate Fury, and shared the image of the former Love Islander at the check-in desk of Spirit Airlines, a well known low-cost option within the United States.

The viral star captioned the image: "This is what happens when you turn down $1m pay day", before proposing a new offer to further unnerve Fury.

Paul said: "Alright, Tommy. I woke up in a good mood today, I'm feeling generous. I'll change my offer.


"$1m plus a first class round trip to America to come and fight me for you and your whole team.

"And, don't forget the and… a seven night stay at the best Western hotel, that's a four-star hotel – continental breakfast included."

Paul continued to tear into Fury as he uploaded pictures of generic breakfasts and also an image of what the first class seats may look like with the budget airline, to advertise the offer using the most sarcastic method possible.

He also overlapped a gif of Fury shadowboxing, with the caption: "I gotchu."

Although an informal offer used to ridicule his potential opponent, Paul is in a great position as he holds the power, and the American would love for Fury to accept his pity deal.

However, the chances of that are slim to none, and a fiery reaction is expected from the British star.

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