Jake Paul’s teammate opens up on heated row with Tyron Woodley’s mum

Jake Paul's teammate DCUT has revealed he is "not sorry" after a heated row with Tyron Woodley's mother at the press-conference ahead of the fight at the weekend.

The YouTube star is set to make his fourth appearance in a professional boxing ring when he takes on former UFC welterweight champion Woodley, where he is looking to set up a clash with British light-heavyweight Tommy Fury on the undercard.

And the American's team sparked chaotic scenes at the press-conference on Thursday, clashing with Woodley's mum in the space in front of the stage which left Woodley fired up after the proceedings.

But Paul's teammate DCUT has revealed that he is "not sorry" for his involvement in the incident but plans to take a "different approach" after the events that unfolded.

"I'm not sorry," DCut told The Schmo.

"I'm not sorry because I didn't do anything wrong. But my team, we talked and made sure to use a different approach next time. There are different professional approaches we could have taken, but at the end of the day, I'm not sorry. I did what I did.

"Obviously, everyone in here is cheering who they're going for. And, you know, we're strong Jake Paul fans over here. We worked hard for this and we sacrificed everything for our guy. So, you know, we're gonna cheer for our guy."

Woodley's mother then confronted the team in a fiery press-conference, which also involved a spat between Briton Fury and Paul who his team believe "controlled the press conference".

And DCUT revealed that he didn't mean for the fight to break out as he just shouted "we got our team" despite provoking an outburst from the mother of Woodley.

“What really happened was I was cheering my boy on Jake during the exchange, and then I shouted “we got our team here,”DCut told ESNews.

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“Then his mum yelled out so I responded “this ain’t the third grade” and she and the people didn’t take it the right way, so now she’s sending shots at me.

“My job is to make sure Jake is in the best shape, but I was cheering on my guy and emotions were running high, but I will apologise for the situation and how I could have defused the situation better."

Paul has been confident going into the fight that he can continue his undefeated record so far, and has now changed his KO prediction to "inside two rounds" ahead of the fight.

And the build-up has not been without tension prior to the press-conference, with the pair making a "tattoo bet" at the weigh-in which Woodley has revealed he is willing to "negotiate" despite the designs for the inks already revealed.

The 24-year-old YouTuber has vowed to continue his campaign for better "fighter's pay" during his time in the sport, which has been dismissed by his fight rival Woodley ahead of their clash.

And he has also outlined his six conditions that light-heavyweight Fury must show during the fight week, to set up a clash in the future.

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