Jon Moxley talks UFC hero Cain Velasquez potentially joining AEW after WWE axe – EXCLUSIVE

Jon Moxley would “relish the opportunity” to have MMA hero Cain Velasquez over at AEW after his shock release from WWE. Moxley is set to co-star in Jesse Quinones’ action movie Cagefighter: Worlds Collide along with Alex Montagnani as well as UFC legend Chuck Liddell and WWE great Christian.

The AEW World Champion will play the role of Randy Stone, a professional wrestler that crosses over to the world of MMA and shakes the sport to its very core.

Velasquez did the exact opposite as he retired from UFC in 2019 and decided to transition to wrestling by cutting his teeth at the Mexican promotion AAA Worldwide.

After a series of impressive performances the two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion was enlisted by WWE and made his debut on SmackDown’s 20th anniversary where he attacked old MMA nemesis Brock Lesnar.

But the 37-year-old fighter only wrestled one match at WWE Crown Jewel where he lost to Lesnar and never appeared on TV again.

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Velasquez was among a raft of WWE superstars that were released from the company last month due to budget cuts that took place as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The heavyweight fighter’s next destination is not yet certain but Moxley would love to work with him at AEW if he decides to cross over to Tony Khan’s promotion.

The 34-year-old grappler, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, believes the possibilities would be endless if Velasquez joined him and other wrestling superstars, such as Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and more.

Moxley told Express Sport: “He’s so awesome, he was doing so good in AAA pulling off wacky Hurracanranas and stuff and doing all that.



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“I don’t really know what his aspirations are or his goals are or what he wants to do with his self and his unique abilities and his unique pedigree.

“But I would personally relish the opportunity to learn from him [and] get pounded by him, get Suplexed on my head by him and kind of experience being in the ring and what that would be like.

“So I would relish the opportunity but cool thing is [that] it’s not like you plug one person from over here and you put them directly into here and they’re the same thing.

“Because when you change environments [then] the performer changes so you kind of have no idea what the possibilities are, the possibilities are endless.


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“We saw a WWE Cain, we saw a AAA Cain, we don’t even know what an AEW Cain would look like. Could be awesome though, so it’s like the possibilities are endless with all the talents.

“We’re finally a true mainstream alternative in America which was needed for so long [that] is growing and expanding.

“We could be entering a cool time once this is all over with all this different talent going to different places, doing different things and it’s kind of exciting not just as a wrestler but just as a fan too.”

Cage Fighter is available on FITE in the UK on May 16 where Moxley stars as one of the lead characters in a film where MMA meets professional wrestling

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