Katie Taylor's incredible interaction with fans in Dublin

Katie Taylor’s Dublin day out! Irish star races a little girl at the gym, invites a schoolgirl into the ring for a workout and signs thousands of autographs ahead of her first pro fight in Ireland

  • Katie Taylor will return to the ring to face Chantelle Cameron on Saturday night
  • She has spent time inspiring the next generation during the build-up to the fight
  • The Irish boxer invited a youngster to join her in the ring for her open workout 

Ireland’s boxing superstar, Katie Taylor, has become the people’s champion. She’s known for going above and beyond to inspire the next generation and her trip to Dublin has been no different.

Taylor will take to the ring on Saturday night to face Chantelle Cameron in her official homecoming bout. It’s being labelled as one of the biggest fights of Taylor’s career and no one would blame her if she wanted to keep herself to herself during the build-up.

But, it comes as no surprise that Taylor is using every second she has in Dublin to engage with the next generation. We’re only two days out from fight night and Taylor has been spending her time visiting the local gyms and coaching youngsters. 

One moment that took the internet by storm was Taylor’s interaction with a little girl during her visit to Arbor Hill Boxing Club. The youngster approached Taylor and asked: ‘Can we do a race outside?’.

Without hesitation, Taylor replied saying: ‘Do you think you can beat me in a race?’ to which the little girl hilarious said: ‘yes’. Taylor couldn’t help but laugh and headed outside with the girl to take part in a footrace. 

Taylor has been spending time inspiring the next generation ahead of her fight on Saturday

Taylor was seen taking part in a footrace with a little girl during one of her gym visits 

Taylor invited a young girl to join her in the ring during her open workout on Wednesday

‘On your marks, get set, go!’ called out Taylor before running down the lane. Taylor remained a step behind the little girl, shouting ‘I’m going to catch you’ before eventually losing to the youngster. 

It’s safe to say, beating the undisputed lightweight champion in a race will live in that little girls memories for her entire lifetime. It may even spur her on to become the next Irish boxing superstar. 

Taylor’s relationship with the public was evidence by the turn out at Wednesday’s open workout. The event was held at Pembroke Square, Dundrum Town Centre in the centre of Dublin. 

The event was open to the public as well as the press, but the event staff couldn’t quite believe their eyes when they saw the amount of people that arrived to watch Taylor shadow box. 

Taylor impressed the fans with her sharp footwork and quick hands before inviting a Dublin schoolgirl to join her in the ring. Carly Burke was the lucky youngster that got given the nod by Taylor. 

After the sparring session, Taylor went down to the crowd to speak with the school children 

She was seen chatting to the youngsters and signing autographs ahead of her fight

Taylor was seen taking pictures with the thousands of fans that arrived to see her in person 

When discussing the whole ordeal afterwards, the 11-year-old said: ‘It felt excellent. I had no idea she was going to call me up. I had never met her before but she is the reason why I took up boxing. I didn’t feel nervous in there, I felt OK.’

After the sparring session, Taylor went down to the crowd and spent time talking to young fans from Holy Cross school. She was seen taking pictures with the youngsters and signing autographs as she asked them about their boxing careers. 

It’s safe to say Taylor was swarmed by supporters. The sheer volume of fans can be evidenced by the fact Matchroom have reportedly flown in extra security to look after Taylor over the next few days. 

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