Logan Paul shares footage of broken hand after slamming fist on punch machine

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YouTube star Logan Paul has shared gruesome footage of his broken hand after slamming his first on a punch machine.

The 0-1 boxer, 27, posted to his adoring 23million followers on Instagram explaining how his ego got the better of him when trying to beat the high score on a German arcade machine. Paul was enjoying some downtime in Hamburg with some friends but had to endure four months without his dominant hand as a result of hitting a cement column when following through with the punch.

"Here’s the video of me breaking my hand in Germany," Paul explained on Instagram. "This was my sixth attempt to try & beat the high score, which was apparently set by the owner of the bar (tbh I think he cheated and took a bat to it). My ego got the best of me and I refused to lose."

"There was a large cement column RIGHT next to the machine, and I hit it on the follow through. I got surgery a week later and now have a 40mm screw going down the center of my third metacarpal, which I shattered into bits."

"Unable to use my right hand, I had to become left handed for a while. You want a challenge? Wipe your butt with your non dominant hand. Nightmare. After 4 months of physical therapy I was finally able to make a fist again and now I’m 100% but WOW what an unnecessary accident.


"HOWEVER… I’m always thankful when life does its annual check on my ego. Perhaps it’s part of the trials and tribulations of being a fiery young adult. ps – the worst part about it? I didn’t beat the record, and this attempt was my lowest score."

The YouTuber has just finished four months of physical therapy and can now successfully clench his hand into a fist. A marmite boxing figure, Paul first hit the headlines in 2018 after a majority-draw fight against fellow YouTube personality KSI.

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The pair turned professional for their 2019 rematch, with KSI claiming victory via split decision. American Paul has not returned to the professional stage since but did go the distance against Floyd Mayweather in an eight-round exhibition contest last June.

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