Mayweather only training 'once in a while' for Logan Paul showdown

Floyd Mayweather is only training ‘once in a while’ and ‘had no camp’ for Logan Paul showdown but 44-year-old insists fans will see what great shape he is in

  • Floyd Mayweather has only trained ‘once in a while’ for his fight with Logan Paul 
  • He also dismissed claims that photos of his bloodied sparring gloves were faked
  • Mayweather fights YouTuber Paul in an exhibition fight in Miami on Sunday night 

Floyd Mayweather has revealed just how dismissive he is of any threat posed by Logan Paul in their fight on Sunday by saying he hasn’t bothered training properly.

Mayweather, arguably boxing’s greatest pound-for-pound fighter, faces off against the YouTuber-turned-boxer in an exhibition fight in Miami. 

The build-up has seen much controversy, with Mayweather coming to blows with Paul’s younger brother Jake in a pre-fight event, and much trash-talking between Logan and the boxing legend. 

Floyd Mayweather revealed he has only trained ‘once in a while’ for his fight against Logan Paul

Mayweather and Paul face off in a lucrative exhibition fight taking place in Miami on Sunday

Several other professional boxers have claimed that Mayweather taking the fight is disrespectful to the sport, being that Paul has fought just twice before in two exhibitions against fellow YouTuber KSI. 

While having hit back against the disrespect claims, it is clear Mayweather sees little threat from Paul, as he divulged his extremely limited training regime for the fight.  

‘I didn’t have no camp. I just went to the gym every once in a while to shake out every once in a while. You know, spar every once in a while,’ he told Boxing Social. 

Even when asked about Paul’s height and reach being potential strengths in the fight, Mayweather laughed off any suggestions of an actual contest.

Paul has fought just two previous boxing matches to date, both against fellow YouTuber KSI

‘I just want to go out there and have fun. I’m going to go out there and do what I do best,’ the 44-year-old told Showtime Sports.

‘He’s banking on his height. He’s banking on his reach. So, we’ll just see. I’m in good shape, you guys will see.’ 

Mayweather’s final dismissal of Paul came when he revealed that he hasn’t even bothered watching his two previous fights, but is confident he knows what the 26-year-old’s tactics will be. 

‘No. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, but I don’t really know Jake or Logan Paul,’ he said.  

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