McGregor’s private mindset over $50m windfall for fighting ‘troll’ Jake Paul

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Conor McGregor continues to be baited by Jake Paul – but the Irishman's long-time team-mate reckons even £50million wouldn't persuade him to fight the YouTuber.

Paul has repeatedly called out former two-eight UFC champion McGregor – even launching a verbal assault on his pregnant fiancee Dee Devlin.

And the internet sensation's goading carried on after McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, with the American saying his offer to 'The Notorious' now stood at just $10,000.

But McGregor's long-time training partner Frans Mlambo reckons his pal wouldn't fight Paul even for the original $50m offered.

"He's just such a troll, he gets to you," Mlambo said of Paul, speaking to The Sun.

"It's fun for people, all the madness, he's good at doing that stuff, so fair play to him, but at the same time it does not make sense for him to fight Conor.

"When I was watching all that I never usually get into it but it actually annoyed me so much that I wanted to ring Conor and say, 'Conor, let me fight this guy'.

"For $50m I'd fight anybody, it would literally never not make sense, I'd fight Goliath. But Conor's in a total different position.

"That $50m might not be worth the effort, the rigamarole of going through the WWE-entertainment style leading up to the fight.

"I feel like if he went into the Jake Paul thing he might be looking at it as more of a show more than anything else.

"It might not even be worth the money to him, just my view knowing what I know about Conor."

Paul, who has 20 million subscribers, recently cast doubt on McGregor's ability when he said he would much rather fight boxing legend Floyd Mayeather.

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  • He said: "I could totally see a Jake Paul vs Floyd match-up a year from now. That’s totally possible.

    “He is a lot harder of an opponent than Conor McGregor.

    “McGregor’s an MMA fighter, Floyd is one of the best boxers to ever live, but it doesn’t scare me."

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