Mike Tyson's pal reveals he once locked him in a cage with his tiger

‘I certainly had to change the undies that day’: Mike Tyson’s former trainer Jeff Fenech reveals terrifying tale of the ex-heavyweight champion once locking him in the cage with his tiger!

  • Ex-world champion Mike Tyson owned two tigers during heyday of his career
  • His former trainer and friend revealed a time Tyson locked him in the tiger’s cage
  • He said: ‘I’m not scared of much but I had to change my undies when I got out’ 

Mike Tyson’s friend and former trainer Jeff Fenech has revealed the ex-heavyweight world champion once locked him in a cage with his tiger. 

The boxing legend became synonymous with big wild cats after buying two tigers to live with him at his Las Vegas mansion during the heyday of his career – and was filmed wrestling with them on several occasions.

Tyson, who has since expressed regret over the decision to keep tigers as pets, has been friends with Fenech since meeting him in 1988 and the pair worked together in 2005 in a bid to relaunch his boxing career, but a knockout defeat months later against Kevin McBride would prove to be the end.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once locked his friend in the cage with his pet tiger

Jeff Fenech, who also trained Tyson at the backend of his career, recounted the terrifying story

Former three-weight world champion Fenech, who is still close friends with Tyson to this day, described him as ‘one of the most loyal and generous guys in the world’ despite revealing a terrifying tale of being shut in with his tigers by him. 

‘The first time I went to the house and he had the tiger,’ Fenech told Fox Sports Australia.

‘Mike had me and threw me in the cage and kind of locked me in there. I’m not scared of too many things, but I certainly had to change the undies when I got out of the cage.’

Fenech also revealed how his daughter once got in trouble for recounting a story at school about playing with a baby cougar at the heavyweight boxer’s house. 

Tyson became synonymous with tigers, having owned two during the heyday of his career 

The pair are still friends and worked together as Tyson tried to relaunch his career in 2005

‘He had a little baby cougar as well once,’ Fenech added. ‘Me, my eldest daughter Jessica, my youngest daughter Kayla, my wife Suzee, and my young son Beau, we were all over in Phoenix with Mike, and then we went back to Vegas to the house, and his little cougar was running and jumping all over the table.

‘My youngest daughter was fascinated by it, got a couple of photos and stuff. My daughter then went to school [in Australia] – and she was young, like six or seven-years-old – and did a show and tell … and my daughter got up and said to the class that she went to Mike Tyson’s house and she was playing with a baby cougar.

‘All of a sudden my wife Suzee gets a phone call, and the school says, “Mrs. Fenech, can we see you?” And she says, “What’s the problem?”

‘[They] say “We’ve got your daughter here saying that she was at Mike Tyson’s house in America playing with tigers, not a good thing to be telling these stories.”

‘So my wife took the photos in and it went from a story to being the truth … the teacher thought she was telling stories, and that she shouldn’t be telling lies in school.’

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