Mike Tyson’s seven kids respond to their dad’s boxing comeback at age 54

Mike Tyson has dismissed his children's fears over his return to the ring later this year.

The 54-year-old will take on fellow former world champion Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout on September 12 in Los Angeles.

Tyson will pull on a pair of gloves for the first time since he retired on his stool against Kevin McBride 15 years ago.

The reaction to the fight – which will be over eight rounds and which won't have any judges – has been muted.

And Tyson admitted his seven kids, who range in age from nine to 30, reckon he should stay retired.

"My kids think I should sit my old ass down, but what do they know?," he told Jimmy Fallon.

"I'm very confident. They don't know how to fight, neither one of my kids can beat me in a fight so what are they talking about?"

Jones, meanwhile, has admitted to feeling like David to Tyson's Goliath – but has backed himself to 'win' the fight.

"His legs are huge and his thighs are huge. His arms are huge and his neck is huge!" he told World Boxing News.

"It's very risky, yes. But God's in control of all. [Previously] I was beating everybody in every weight class I was in, so what you gonna do?

"It's like David and Goliath. He's a giant monster, we know. I'm little David and all I've got is God on my side, which is all I'm gonna need."

And another former heavyweight ruler George Foreman has warned the pair against damaging their health.

"There's a time when you've got to worry about your health," he told TMZ. "But it's a beautiful thing that they would even come out.

"Maybe they can even name a charity or something for the recipient of the funds. I think it's good to come out, but it's got to be a fun thing, but I hope one does not hit the other.

"I would just tell them it's really dangerous, but when you make up your mind to do something like that, you can't tell them, 'Don't do it.' They're not going to hear that."

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