MMA fighter snaps leg in half after kick to rival goes sickeningly wrong

Australian fighter Jack Becker suffered a horrific injury when he appeared to snap his leg at Eternal MMA 66 on Saturday.

Becker was defending his lightweight title against Aidan Aguilera at HBF Stadium in Perth when he broke his leg in the first round. The horrendous injury appeared to occur just seconds into his bout, which was believed to be his final outing with the promotion before signing with premier promotion UFC.

After taking a few kicks to the leg, Becker motioned to land one himself but as his foot contacted Aguilera’s leg, his ankle twisted. The horrific moment was similar to the famous injury Anderson Silva suffered against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, when the iconic fighter’s leg snapped.

With Becker’s foot planted down, his right leg immediately gave out and the Australian collapsed to the floor with his ankle pointing the wrong way. The sickening snap echoed throughout the arena, with Becker lying on the cage floor in clear agony as the referee tended to him and called for medical staff.

Becker, who entered the fight on the back of three straight wins, is considered one of the most promising fighters in Australia and New Zealand. According to Tapology, 29-year-old is ranked as the No. 2 lightweight fighter in the region and has a 10-3 career record.

He claimed the Eternal MMA lightweight title by overcoming Daniel Hill in September last year with a first-round finish and successfully defended the belt two months later as he got the better of Brentin Mumford in the first round. The bout against Aguilera – who has a 9-5 career record – was the second time the two fighters had met, after Becker won via unanimous decision in April last year.

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Becker was reportedly in good spirits in the hospital and even took to Instagram to make a joke about the premature end to the fight. Alongside a pic of himself looking at the injury, Becker wrote: “Early stoppage.”

Aguilera was quick to fire a message of support to his fallen opponent over social media, writing: “You don’t play MMA, it can be incredibly unforgiving and cruel. Nothing but respect for on how he conducts himself inside and outside the cage.

“After it happened his first concern was sitting up so he could gesture to the crowd that he was ok – took it like an absolute gangster and was able to have a laugh even before the green whistle was brought in. You're a champion jack and I hope to represent the same qualities in my reign.

“I have no doubt you have the strength and grit to get through the tough road ahead and I look forward to seeing you back.”

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