Oscar de la Hoya's opponent will be 'worldwide news'

Promoters promise boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya’s comeback opponent will be ‘worldwide news’ and that his first bout in 12 years will be ‘one of the biggest fights this year’

  • Oscar de la Hoya is set to return to the ring at the age of 48 on July 3
  • He has not fought in the boxing ring since his 2008 loss to Manny Pacquiao
  • It has been rumoured that he could square off against a MMA superstar 
  • Promoters Triller say his comeback opponent will be ‘worldwide news’

Oscar de la Hoya’s first opponent in 12 years is promised to be ‘worldwide news’ and ‘one of the biggest fights this year’.

The 48-year-old boxing legend announced that he will return to the boxing ring on July 3, having not fought since his December 2008 stoppage loss to Manny Pacquiao. 

There have been reports that the former six-weight world champion could step into the ring against an MMA superstar.

Promoters have promised Oscar de la Hoya’s comeback opponent will make ‘worldwide news’

De la Hoya announced his intentions to return to the ring on July 3 back in March

Ryan Kavanaugh, film producer for social media app Triller who are promoting the fight, has promised De la Hoya’s opponent in two months will be big news.  

He told the Sun: ‘We are almost done, but if we get this person it will be worldwide news.

‘I’d argue it would be one of the biggest fights in the world this year.

‘It would be someone of Oscar’s same skill and notoriety and history and persona in the combat sports world.’ 

De la Hoya appeared on the Triller Fight Club broadcast for the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight in which he was discussing his potential options.

He said: ‘You can expect a f***ing real fight. A real fight. Whoever I pick to be my opponent. You bet your a** that I’m gonna be the best motherf****r out there. 

‘I always fought the very best, and I’m proud of that. And whoever it is, I’ve been retired for 14 years. But guess what I’m pick the very best.’ 

‘I don’t care who it is. I will fight until the end, I will bleed until the end. And I will go down to the end.’

Fans had voiced their concern at De la Hoya’s commentary as he appeared erratic and was slurring his words.

De la Hoya’s has not fought in the ring since his December 2008 loss to Manny Pacquiao

Kavanaugh though has said that there is no need for concern and that the 48-year-old is fit and healthy for his upcoming return.

He said: ‘It was a fun event, you had two people up on stage smoking joints, so Oscar had a couple of drinks.

‘He wasn’t falling over, he wasn’t so awful that he did something terrible. It was a fun event and people were encouraged to enjoy themselves.’

De la Hoya announced his retirement in 2009 with a fight record of 36 victories – 30 by way of knockout – and six losses. In December he stoked the fires around a possible return by admitting he would love to take on former opponent Floyd Mayweather in a rematch after losing to ‘Money’ in a split decision in 2007.

He also teased a possible clash against feared knockout artist Gennady Golovkin, saying it would be ‘easy’ to defeat the Kazakhstanian.

He said: ‘Why not go after the guy that beat [Canelo]? Why not go after [Floyd] Mayweather, for instance, in a revenge fight? That’s something that’s very intriguing. We’ll see how I feel, and then we’ll take it from there.’    

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