Paul Gallen v Lucas Browne: Fight thrown in jeopardy as Browne unable to fit hands into gloves

A late drama has thrown uncertainty over the Paul Gallen vs Lucas Browne fight, with Browne unable to fit his massive hands in the sponsored gloves.

Under the fight contract, both Browne and Gallen must wear 10 ounce custom made Everlast gloves.

This morning, News Corp has learned that Browne has tried on three different pairs of gloves and none will fit him.

Organisers are scrambling to fight new gloves that will fit Browne and not breach contractual guidelines.

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Lucas Browne has been unable to fit his hands in the sponsored gloves. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Christian GillesSource:News Corp Australia

Browne has been training in worn-in gloves which are softer. Brand new custom-made gloves are much harder and require some breaking down through squeezing, and also hand sweat, but that is dependant on the fighter getting their hands into them in the first place.

The lighter the glove, the more impact punches have, so Browne would be loathe to agree to wear bigger 12 or 14 ounce gloves to give Gallen an advantage.

Both heavyweights are scheduled to weigh in at midday in Wollongong, ahead of the six-round bout on Wednesday night.

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