Paul says he's 'broke his back' from 'carrying promotion' in spoof vid

‘I broke my back’: Jake Paul jokes he’s in hospital with a serious injury from ‘carrying the promotion’ for his upcoming fight with Hasim Rahman Jr… before claiming in the spoof video that his ‘opponents never sell s**t’

  • Jake Paul jokingly claimed he has a ‘broken back’ from ‘carrying the promotion’
  • The YouTuber-turned-boxer, 25, is due to fight Hasim Rahman Jr on August 6
  • But Paul’s hit out at his opponents for leaving it to him to sell tickets for the fight
  • Paul was set to face Tommy Fury before the fight was called off earlier this month

Jake Paul has joked that he has a ‘broken back’ from ‘carrying the promotion’ for his last five fights in a spoof video.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer, 25, who is 5-0 as a professional boxer, faces Hasim Rahman Jr at famous New York venue Madison Square Garden on Saturday, August 6 after Tommy Fury called off their bout due to visa issues. 

But Paul trolled fans by briefly making them think he would be unable to fight after posting a video of himself in a hospital bed.

Jake Paul jokingly claimed he is hospital after suffering a broken back in a spoof video

Paul said he suffered a broken back from ‘carrying the promotion’ for his last five fights

In the clip on his Instagram page, Paul can be seen hooked up to monitors while laying down wearing a hospital gown appearing to be in distress before hitting out at his opponents for ‘never selling s**t’. 

‘So guys I’m in the hospital. I had an accident,’ Paul says in the video. ‘I’m still going to be able to fight on August 6th so get your tickets at before they sell out.

‘But I broke my back… carrying the promotion for this event.

‘It’s broken.’ he shouts, before yelling: ‘Nurse! Nurse, more morphine!’ 

Paul then rises from his bed hitting out at his opponents for struggling to sell tickets for his fights, claiming they ‘couldn’t sell a pen to a writer’

Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose then runs to his aid, dressed as a nurse.

‘I broke my back,’ he continues, ‘carrying the last five fights promotion. My opponents never sell s**t.’

‘Ah, it hurts,’ he then screams, ‘These motherf**kers never sell s**t. They couldn’t sell a pen to a writer.’

Paul’s fans were left in stitches, claiming he was a ‘marketing genius’ while another admitted that Paul ‘almost had me’.

However, others weren’t so impressed with the spoof video, claiming Paul should ‘pick an opponent with a record worthy of selling a fight’.

The 25-year-old is set to face American Rahman Jr (right) in New York on August 6

Another commented the video was a ‘hard watch’ while one Instagram user said: ‘Excuses already?’

Rahman Jr, son of heavyweight boxing icon Hasim Rahman – who once beat Lennox Lewis – has had around 100 amateur fights and will prove a stiff test for Paul, who is fighting the 31-year-old after Brit Tommy Fury pulled out with visa issues.

‘The Problem Child’ has only fought fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, former basketball star Nate Robinson, former MMA fighter Ben Askren and former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, twice – although he has knocked out all of his opponents.

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