Seniesa Estrada on her record-setting seven-second KO: ‘It didn’t seem so fast, being in there!’

You recorded the fastest knockout in women’s boxing history last year…

Seniesa Estrada tells Sky Sports: I remember trying to face a world champion but, at the last minute, my opponent got injured. They found Miranda Adkins.

She had five wins and five knockouts. I thought: ‘There must be something good about her’.

I went into the fight preparing like I was still fighting a world champion.

I didn’t know what to expect. There was nothing on YouTube of her.


I thought I was fighting Mike Tyson! I thought I was fighting the best!

My trainer told me: ‘When the bell rings, feint to see her reaction, then go from there’.

The bell rings.

I feinted but there was no reaction.

So I let go of my combination.

Always thinking of my next belt ?

Did you sense the KO immediately?

Seniesa Estrada: It was instinct. Once I let go of the first one, the punches just flowed. I continued letting them go until she dropped.

I’ve had a 32-second knockout before. But seven seconds? It was so quick.

Afterwards, I thought we were in the middle of the round. It didn’t seem so fast, being in there.

What did you say to her afterwards?

Seniesa Estrada: People said no to accepting the fight. She said yes so I have to give her credit.

She wanted to take the fight because her mother passed away.

I told her: ‘You have made your mother proud’.

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It was a watershed moment for women’s boxing…

Seniesa Estrada: It was seen by millions of people and went viral. People who aren’t boxing fans, like celebrities, don’t care who the opponent is. They just want to see a great knockout. It got the attention from so many big names. It definitely helped women’s boxing.

LeBron James reached out! I’m born and raised in LA and I’m a huge Lakers fan.

Received my belt last night!!!Thank you @goldenboy for a night that I’ll never forget! I’ll continue to make you all proud, as I have so much more to show! Now let’s Unify these titles ???❤️ 20-0 ? @SyeWilliams

Do you think women should be able to box three-minute rounds, like the men?

Seniesa Estrada: With two-minute rounds, it is really difficult to set a game-plan and get knockouts.

I want three-minute rounds for every fight. We tried to get three-minute rounds for the Anabel Ortiz fight but she didn’t want to do it.

For the [most recent fight against] Tenkai Tsunami, we tried as well.

The WBO and the California State Athletic Commission said: ‘Yes OK, if the opponent agrees’.

But she said no!

I even said: ‘I’ll take an amount out of my own purse to give to you, if you do three-minute rounds’.

She still said no!

It sucks because a certain amount of female fighters want three-minute rounds. But it will be hard to change because a lot of women actually don’t want it.

There are a lot that do not want to do three-minute rounds.

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Three minutes is a huge difference for them. Physically, they feel like they might wear out.

They don’t want to do three-minute rounds against certain opponents. Against me? It’s a huge advantage for me, and they know that which is why they would rather stick to two-minute rounds.

Two-minute rounds saves you from getting knocked out!

It is difficult because you have to start fast. You can’t take your time, you can’t use your jab.

The extra one minute is a huge difference.

Would three-minute rounds result in more KOs?

Seniesa Estrada: I think so.

I’ve had so many fights where I’ve had the girl out on her feet, but the bell rings. She has one minute to recover.

It’s not enough time. There would be more knockouts if we did three-minute rounds.

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