The reason Tyson Fury doesn’t go by his ‘real name’ explained

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Tyson Fury is in line for the biggest payday of his career tonight as he prepares to face ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou in a Saudi Arabia crossover boxing match that will be watched by millions around the globe. WBC heavyweight champion Fury will not be contesting his belt as his opponent has never boxed before and therefore doesn’t have a ranking, although the event has been sanctioned as an official professional fight.

The Gypsy King is undefeated in 34 career fights, winning 33 of them and 24 via knockout. He is the biggest name in world boxing but not everyone thinks that he is even competing under his real name.

Take Dillian Whyte for example, who prior to the Gypsy King’s third fight with Deontay Wilder in 2021 claimed that his real name was in fact Luke and he had only changed it to Tyson to make himself sound tougher.

Whyte told the Sun: “My real name is Dillian. I know his real name is Luke. He changed it to Tyson to make himself sound harder. People can have a little look around on the internet and see for themselves. In boxing, the name Tyson is a lot more sellable than Luke.”

“A lot of what Tyson does and says is a game, you can never take anything he says seriously or at face value. He might say he wants to fight me sometimes but how can you trust a man who doesn’t even use his own name?”

The same accusation was effectively put to Fury by Anthony Joshua as the pair traded comments on social media before their proposed fight eventually fell through.

Joshua wrote on Twitter (now X): “If there was an arbitration going on, why announce to the world we are fighting!” he wrote.

“The fight was signed! UNDISPUTED. Bare knuckle? You’re a good kid, don’t play with me Luke! I’ll slap your bald head & you’ll do nothing! Waste man.”

But despite the claims of Whyte and Joshua, Fury’s real birth name is indeed as it reads. Tyson Luke Fury was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester on August 12, 1988.

Luke is actually Fury’s middle name, as listed on Companies House and Boxrec.

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He was born three months premature and weighed just one pound. The origins of his name are linked to the early struggles he had as a newborn baby, according to Fury’s father John.

John Fury told the Telegraph in 2015: “The doctors told me there was not much chance of him living. I had lost two daughters in the same way who had been born prematurely. They told me there was not much hope for him.

“It was 1988, Mike Tyson was in his pomp as world heavyweight champion, and so I said, ‘Let’s call him Tyson’. The doctors just looked at me and smiled.”

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