Thor Bjornsson’s sparring offer to Logan Paul after meeting YouTuber in Iceland

Thor Bjornsson offered a sparring match to Logan Paul when the pair met in Iceland yesterday, but the YouTuber didn't seem keen.

Former World's Strongest Man winner Bjornsson has recently made the move to boxing, and both he and Logan have stepped into the ring three times.

Bjornsson fought to two 'draws' in non-competitive exhibitions against Steven Ward and Simon Valily, before destroying arm wrestling champion Devon Larratt on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Paul just went the distance in an eight-round exhibition with Floyd Mayweather, after having lost to and drawn with fellow social media star KSI in his first two outings.

Bjornsson and Paul recorded an episode of the YouTuber's podcast Impaulsive yesterday, with the Icelandic strongman telling Mirror Fighting that he offered a sparring session to Paul, and wasn't met with a positive response.

"I kind of teased it to him," Bjornsonn said during an interview to promote his role as. Reign Body Fuel ambassador.

"I asked him 'do you want to maybe spar?' or maybe do something together, but I felt like he wasn't really there.

"He didn't really like it, he wasn't really there and I doubt it.

"Maybe one day we could do a sparring session."

Bjornsson weighed in at 322 lbs for his bout with Devon Larratt, after losing more than 100 to make the switch to boxing.

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Meanwhile, Paul most recently weighed in at 190 to face Mayweather, who came in at 155, less than half of Bjornsson's size.

And he has suggested that in the interest of fairness, the YouTube star should now fight a bigger guy.

"Logan is quite a bit taller than Floyd," he continued. "It would be fair if he fought a guy who's smaller than him, now go fight someone who's bigger.

"Then he could try both, and it would be good to do that."

And ultimately, as a fellow celebrity-turned-fighter, Bjornsson believes that both Logan and his undefeated brother Jake are good for the sport in the long run.

They, along with British YouTubers KSI, Joe Weller and Theo Baker, paved the way for he new age of celebrity boxers making big money pay-per-view fights.

"I think that Jake and Logan, I can't speak for anyone else because I only know those guys, are taking it extremely seriously and training very hard.

"If you want to train in something and pursue something then go and do that, as long as you put in that effort, do what you want.

"I think that they are only making the sport bigger, bringing more fans to the sport, growing it.

"They get a lot of hate, people call them YouTubers but they box as well and why can't they do it?"

Hafþór Björnsson is a Reign ambassador, he will fight Eddie Hall in March 2022. For more information, please visit #ReadyToReign.

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