Tyron Woodley failed to take advantage of KO clause as fans blast ‘staged’ fight

Fans are suspicious Jake Paul's emphatic knockout victory over Tyron Woodley was fixed, particularly after the former MMA fighter failed to take advantage of a lucrative clause in the match contract.

The fight was stopped in the sixth round following a devastating right hand from Paul which knocked Woodley out cold.

Two rounds earlier though, a cut above Paul's right eye left him groggy and bleeding heavily as momentum swung in Woodley's favour.

But the 39-year-old didn't capitalise, deciding to keep playing things safe rather go on the offensive.

This was also noticed by commentators who said "nobody wants it".

Fans took to social media in droves after growing suspicious of the fight's legitimacy, especially given that Paul promised to hand Woodley $500,000 if he managed to knock him out.

"Can't convince me this fight wasn’t fixed, a terrible fight all around and then one punch from Jake Paul doesn’t stun you but immediately knocks you out on your feet? Done watching these fights," one fan said in a scathing assessment.

"Whoever still thinks Jake Paul fights are not fixed you need help. Every time Woodley has him he backs up not to finish it," another wrote.

Paul was initially scheduled to fight Tommy Fury before the Brit withdrew due to injury.

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Woodley stepped in as his replacement to set up an intriguing rematch between the pair following Paul's split decision victory in August.

Some fans were sceptical about the result, believing that a 'no knockout clause' had been inserted into the contract to afford Paul a better chance of victory.

In an attempt to prove this wasn't the case, the former YouTube star revealed earlier this month that he had agreed to pay Woodley half a million dollars if he was knocked out.

But watching the fight, you'd hardly have noticed.

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