Tyron Woodley had no memory of Jake Paul knockout and wanted to fight on

Tyron Woodley’s trainer Din Thomas claims his fighter had no recollection of the brutal knockout which ended his rematch with Jake Paul.

The former UFC champion lost the first fight to the YouTuber-turned-fighter in a close points decision back in August, but was blasted away in the dramatic second encounter last month.

Woodley was behind on all scorecards going into the sixth round, when Paul pulled off a stunning one-punch knockout.

The savage stoppage put an emphatic end to Paul and Woodley’s rivalry, giving the American his fifth win in the ring.

Thomas helped train Woodley for the bout and had just two weeks to get him ready, following Tommy Fury ’s late decision to pull out.

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And he revealed that he had little knowledge of what had occurred, thinking he was merely in between rounds, rather than down and out on the canvas.

“I think he went through a series of different emotions,” Tomas told Sirius XM via Boxing Scene. “I remember standing inside the ring as soon as it happened and he was like ‘no, no, when do I go back out?’

“He didn’t even know, right when it happened, he thought it was in between rounds and I’m sure he was probably wondering why everybody was standing inside the ring.

“He didn’t even know at that moment. When I got out of the ring, I really just sat there, just in disbelief. That is really what the beginning was disbelief, you couldn’t believe that just happened.

“Then when we got to the back everyone on the team was disappointed like I can’t just believe that happened.

“Even him he was going back-and-forth. The guy that runs High Rollerz, well he was in the back and he brought his daughter who was probably four-years-old and when Tyron saw her he was like ‘hey, I’m okay, don’t worry.’

“She really brought life back into him and from him seeing this little girl you saw his whole demeanor change from being disappointed to ‘this is what it is and I have to accept it.’”

Speaking after the fight, Woodley said: “Caught slipping. Only takes one shot. One Mistake. Beautifully timed.

“Had he dropped his hand I would be celebrating. No hate. Love. I was ready.

“I was in shape, and blessed to trust God and believe. Heart broken, but not broken.”

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