Tyson Fury paid himself just £70,000 last year despite £40M fortune

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury paid himself just £70,000 last year despite the Gypsy King boasting a £40MILLION fortune as he prefers to lead a ‘modest lifestyle’ in Morecambe

  • Tyson Fury’s company ‘Tyson Fury Ltd’ published its annual accounts recently
  • In the eight-page document the heavyweight is seen to have taken £70,000
  • The WBC champion has a fortune of near £40m but is seen as clever and frugal 

Tyson Fury’s desire to lead a ‘modest lifestyle’ reportedly saw him take just £70,000 last year from his huge £40million fortune.

The Morecambe-based heavyweight is a trash-talker around his fights but is known to enjoy quiet time out of the headlines when he’s at home with his wife and kids. 

Having taken home an eye-watering £20m having knocked out Deontay Wilder in the duo’s trilogy contest back in October, Fury could easily have gone on a spending spree with money burning a hole in his pocket. 

 Boxer Tyson Fury withdrew just £70,000 in dividends last year from his holding company

The frugal fighter (right) is said to like to lead a ‘comfortable’ but ‘modest lifestyle’ in Morecambe alongside his wife Paris (left) and their six children

But, in a report by the Sun, the truth appears to be a lot more modest with the WBC heavyweight champion taking just £70,000 in dividends from his company, Tyson Fury Ltd.

In the firm’s latest accounts, filed to Companies House, the figures, which run through to the year end in March 2021, Fury is seen to have taken £70,000 in dividends, up from £2,000 in 2020.

Fury is savvy with his money, something that has been evidenced in the company accounts. 

On page three of the document it is detailed that Fury has committed £3.4m to investments. 

 Fury produced an epic trilogy with Deontay Wilder and the last fight earned him £20million

 The latest accounts from Tyson Fury Ltd show the WBC champion invested £3.4m of earnings

These accounts typically use myriad terms to describe the various elements of the account but in the section ‘cash at bank’, Fury is holding £28.7m as of March 2021, up from £27.9m the previous year.

A source told the Sun: ‘He’s extremely careful with money and knows the value of it.

‘He’s not extravagant or flamboyant like some boxers are and lives a very modest lifestyle.’

The heavyweight, who has just invested in a new £1.7m home in Morecambe for his family, will see his earnings from the Wilder trilogy fight form his next set of company accounts.

Along with wife Paris, Fury has three daughters, Venezuela, 12, Valencia, three, and two month old Athena, as well as three sons, Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, four, and Prince Adonis, two. 

Fury is currently enjoying some time out of the ring and with his family but talk is rumbling on about a mandatory WBC match-up with fellow Brit Dillian Whyte.

Whyte launched a legal bid against the WBC to ensure he became next in line to face Fury and they granted his wish.

He has been waiting some time for a world title shot but so far the issue over the money-split seems to have stalled negotiations.

Fury has been dismissive of Whyte’s chances and Fury’s UK-based promoter Frank Warren warned the Brixton-born star he would only be offered 20 per cent of the prize pot.  

Whyte, who took home just £300,000 from his last fight against Alexander Povetkin, is reportedly holding out for a substantial piece of the purse. 

Fury’s contentious world heavyweight championship defence against Whyte will go to purse bids in Mexico City on January 11 with the fight set for late March or early April in the UK. 

 Talk now surrounds Fury’s expected contest against WBC mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte

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