Tyson Fury’s daughter was dead for three minutes but saved by Alder Hey heroes

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John Fury has claimed that his new-born granddaughter Athena was “dead for three minutes” before the doctors at Alder Hey children’s hospital saved her.

Athena, who was born on Sunday, was moved into intensive care almost immediately after her birth.

Her condition was said to have stabilised on Monday. However, her father Tyson Fury told fans on Instagram that she was sadly readmitted to the ICU a day later and has remained there since.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, John explained that Athena was “dead for three minutes” but was saved by the heroic doctors at the hospital.

“We’ve come out on a brighter side due to the professionalism of Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool," Fury said.

“They’ve been really magnificent and they have basically saved a life because she was dead for three minutes and they brought her back.

“All respect in the world to Alder Hey. Without those kind of people, we can’t function.

“My hat goes off to them and we have raised a lot of money for them in two days! Me and Tyson, we’ve done a fundraiser for them and we’ve raised a lot of money for them.

“People, just keep giving what you can to Alder Hey children’s hospital because they need it and we need those people.

Since her birth, as a way of thanking the doctors and nurses who have treated Athena, Fury and his wife Paris set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Alder Hey Family House Trust.

So far, the WBC heavyweight champion has raised a whopping £34,212 for the trust and is well on the way to reaching the £50,000 target.

One generous donor gave a whopping £10,000 to the fundraiser, while John also donated a significant amount of money to the cause.

Later in the interview, John claimed that the doctors and surgeons looking after Athena had performed a “miracle” and stated that he believed “she will only get better from here on.”

“We thought at one stage we were going to lose her, but like I say, it’s all been good due to the professionalism of the doctors and surgeons. Amazing people.”

“It was a miracle, but them doctor’s, they can perform miracles. I do think she’s turned a corner now and she will only get better from here on.”

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