UFC ‘offers €1.5million for fight between Russian star Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik’

UFC have offered a staggering €1.5million to host a fight between viral star Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik.

President Dana White confirmed he had held productive talks and a camp insider confirmed the bid had been placed.

The Russian social media star was ringside at UFC 267 on Saturday, and was held in the air by UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was also in the crowd.

The UFC manager is keen to host a potential clash between Hasbulla and Rozik, especially after the tiny Tajik crooner confronted the social media star at ringside.

As they tried to scrap, the pair were kept apart as tempers escalated during a dramatic evening of action.

In another clip, the dapper-looking Rozik glared into the camera as he called out Hasbulla.

"Can you read this?" he asked Hasbulla. "Sign the contract – stop talking so much. Can you tell me your actual talent? Are you following me on Instagram?"

Hasbulla’s representatives have stated he is “ready for battle”, while White told Barstool Sports there is “more than 0% chance” the teenage sensation will step into the octagon.

“A couple of days ago, we met with Abdu Rozik," promoter Tamaev Asxab said. "He is completely ready for battle.

"But there is more interesting news. Dana is ready to buy an event with Hasbik and Abdu Rozik for $1.5 million. I want to hear your opinion."

Meanwhile, Jake Paulhas announced he will team up with Hasbulla in preparation for his fight withTommy Furyafter his opponent revealed Tyson Fury will help coach his brother.

Paul is set to fight Fury, who has won each of his seven professional fights to date, on December 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The controversial content creator shared the ‘official announcement’ on his Instagram story, along with a photo of Hasbulla wearing a life jacket with his hands pointed up.

Paul wrote: “It’s confirmed that Hasbulla will be coming to my camp in a few weeks to train and corner me for this fight @hasbulla."

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