UFC star Michael Bisping duped into congratulating adult film star on Twitter

UFC star Michael Bisping has been duped into congratulating porn star Johnny Sims for his ‘army service’.

Bisping is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and remains the sole British winner of a UFC title.

But, for all his success in the Octagon, Bisping has been tricked on social media.

One user sent a message to Bisping, alongside a picture of porn star Sims, saying: “Mike, any chance of a RT for my cousin John currently serving oversees [sic], a response from you would mean so much to him”.

To which Bisping seemed to fall for and replied: “Thank you for your service John. Come back home safe my friend.”

It’s not the first time a high-profile face has been tricked into sending a congratulatory message to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Current US President Donald Trump was duped into wishing notorious murderers Fred and Rose West a happy birthday, via a retweet, back in 2014.

While American singer Billy Ray Cyrus fell into a similar trick by retweeting a picture of Jimmy Saville in the same year.

Reflecting on his UFC career, Bisping previously said: "Beating Anderson Silva at the time was massive – I always wanted to fight him for obvious reasons, he was a long-time champion and the greatest of all time.

"But then I fought for the belt and won the belt, so winning the title obviously trumps that. Then defending the belt in Manchester, in England, was definitely a high point.

"I'm very lucky I've had a great career – many highs and several lows as well. It was great."

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