UFC star Michael Bisping pops out fake eyeball in jaw-dropping footage

Retired UFC legend Michael Bisping popped out his fake eyeball while appearing as a pundit on BT Sport, forcing the presenter to look away.

The former middleweight world champion had earlier this week warned 'Tiktokers' about the perils of fighting, as the likes of Jake and Logan Paul continue to shake the boxing world.

Bisping removed his eye after being reminded of when he did the same while appearing on the Believe You Me podcast back in October 2019.

As the presenter turned away from the sight of Bisping displaying his fake eyeball to the camera, the 42-year-old could be heard saying "I'll keep an eye on that one".

Bisping suffered a detached retina in his right eye during a fight against Vitor Belfort back in 2013 and later underwent surgery before returning to the octagon.

He went on to claim the middleweight world title by defeating then champion Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 and he also beat Anderson Silva at the O2 Arena in London in 2016.

The English fighter, who was born in Cyprus and raised in Lancashire, also fought as a heavyweight early in his career and retired in 2018 with a record of 30-9.

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He has previously revealed that the injury he suffered to his retina left the vision in his right eye 'non-existent'.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Bisping explained: "My vision (in my right eye) was pretty much non-existent since 2013.

“I was just about able to scrape past the medicals. It was definitely touch and go. I was always terrified of doing a full training camp, then being turned away by the commission doctor.

“It was difficult. To pass the medical test, you've got to have 20-200 vision, which is classed as clinically blind anyway, so it's not very good – it's not a very hard mark to pass. Some days I could, some days I couldn't. But fortunately, I was just able to scrape by.

“People always say: ‘How did you fight with only one eye?’ And I always say: ‘With great f***ing difficulty!’”

Bisping was appearing as part of BT Sport's coverage of UFC 268 in New York City on Saturday night, where the main event is Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington for the welterweight world title.

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