UFC star’s scuffle with sex trafficker

MMA fighter Molly McCann has revealed her alarming encounter with an alleged sex trafficker from before she became a professional fighter.

McCann is nicknamed “Meatball”, which is fitting considering her previous profession. The English flyweight division UFC fighter used to work late shifts at a Subway restaurant.

However, speaking on The A-Side live chat, McCann recounted one eventful confrontation with an alleged sex trafficker from seven years ago, which resulted in a fight on the street.

“This blonde girl’s come in, five in the morning, rotten drunk, stumbling over and then this lad followed her in,” McCann said on Wednesday.

“He’s come in, and he’s put his arm around her, and I went to him, ‘Hey mate, what’s her name?’ He went, ‘What?’ I went, ‘What’s her name,’ because I just didn’t think he knew her.

“Something in me belly was like, ‘Nah, this is not … no.’ And he’s like, ‘F*cking shut up, love.’ Could you imagine my face?

“So then she opens her purse and he’s trying to get the money out the purse, and I went, ‘‘Hey, mate, what the f*ck?’ And he went, ‘I’m the police. Who are you talking to?’ I said, ‘You’re not the f*cking police.’”

After the assailant called for reinforcements, McCann physically confronted him outside the Subway, which resulted in a brief scuffle on the street before police arrived.

“He’s gone to kick me in the head, I’ve leg kicked him. The police have come and took him. I’ve had to go make a statement,” McCann said.

“It turns out that he was a sex trafficker and he was trying to take her. They’d watched the cameras and they’d date-raped her. They put the (drug) in her drink to take her, to steal her, and she would have never been seen again.

“And I was like, ‘All in a day’s work, guys!’

“I was 22. That’s quite young to be standing up to a man of a big stature, and then cars outside. But my mum always said, ‘Never back down, Mol. You go down swinging, girl.’”

According to McCann, the unidentified man was found to be an illegal immigrant, and to her knowledge had been deported after the incident.

McCann has won ten of her twelve professional MMA bouts. She was scheduled to face Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC Fight Night 171 last month, but the event was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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