UFC's Jeff Molina accused of coming out as part of a 'planned leak'

Jeff Molina accused of coming out as part of a ‘planned leak’ by UFC fighter Sean Strickland as he is suspended for alleged involvement in betting scam – after video of him with another man leaked on social media

  • Jeff Molina came out as bisexual on Friday after video of him leaked online
  • Sean Strickland said it was a ‘planned leak’ as Molina faces gambling probe
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Jeff Molina has been accused of coming out as part of a ‘planned leak’ by controversial UFC fighter Sean Strickland.

Molina announced he was bisexual on Friday after video was leaked on social media of him performing a sex act on another man.

The 25-year-old is currently banned by the UFC for alleged involvement in a betting scheme, which Strickland took to Twitter to highlight.

He wrote: ‘Jeff Molina suspended indefinitely for rigging fights, ruining MMA.

‘Everyone “POS” (piece of s***). Jeff Molina “I may of sucked a c**k”. Everyone “you’re so brave”.

UFC’s Sean Strickland accused Jeff Molina as coming out as part of a ‘planned leak’ 

Molina came out in a statement on Friday after a video of him was leaked across social media  

‘What the actual CNN is going on here.. Bro we don’t care that you **k dudes its 2023 we care that you’re a pos cheater…’

Then, in reply to someone saying Molina’s sexuality and alleged gambling rule breaches are unrelated by saying: ‘Meh mans (sic) looking at his career fafing away.. was this a planned leak?’ 

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Molina, who replied saying: ‘Temporarily suspended until the investigation is over- I didn’t rig s***. but hope this empowers you to come out too bubba.’

Molina last fought in June with a split decision victory over Zhalgas Zhumagulov.

Strickland, 32, has been no stranger to controversy in the UFC. Last November, he shared a bizarre video of himself on Instagram showering with an AK-47 and saying it is ‘the most f***ing American thing you can do’.

The North Carolina native says: ‘I’m gonna give you guys some advice. Showering with your AK is the most f***ing American thing you can do. It’s not f***ing weird.’

Alongside the video, Strickland wrote: ‘Lesson number 3 in my ‘taticool’ course. You always, always shower with your AK. She likes to be dirty, but not that dirty.’

And in January, Strickland took a swipe at the French before his fight with  Nassourdine Imavov, saying: ‘I don’t even know how to f***ing say that name, man. 

The 25-year-old Molina is currently banned from the UFC amid alleged gambling rule breaches

Strickland, 32, recently filmed himself showering with an AK-47 in a bizarre incident 

‘Let’s call him the Frenchie. And if we’ve learned anything about the French – what are the French best at? Giving up. 

‘So, I haven’t really watched him fight. I know he likes to bang. I know he likes to throw big punches, but he’s still f***ing French, man. There’s a lot of history of cowardice to move on from when you’re f***ing French.

‘So maybe he’s going to prove a statement. Maybe he’s going to say that his country has left the cowardice behind, I don’t f***ing know. Only thing the French are good at is having affairs and giving up and losing fights. But we’ll f***ing find out. Maybe he’s different.’

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