WBC would allow Mike Tyson to fight for heavyweight title against Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson’s comeback has received the full support of World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman, even backing the 53-year-old to take part in a heavyweight title fight.

Iron Mike announced his intention to return to boxing earlier this month, uploading a series of images and clips showing his age-defying physique and ferocious power, and he intends to fight some huge names in exhibition bouts for charity.

Even reigning WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury recently revealed he had received an offer to fight his namesake and Sulaiman says he would not oppose a title fight for the veteran American if he comes through his exhibition matches unscathed.

Speaking to Boxing Social, the WBC president explained: ‘Mike is Mike Tyson and I played around a few days ago, they kept asking, “Are you going to rank him?”

‘To rank Mike Tyson he would have to have a license, he would have to fight, he would have to have a real fight to do a process, and I said, “Well if Mike Tyson was the youngest ever to capture the world title, maybe he’ll be the oldest” and that made a few people smile.

‘Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson, he’s got a history, punching power like few in the whole world. I believe his intentions are to be praised, to do something with his body. You see the pictures, how he blew up and now you see him right now, you see he’s shining on his face. I love that, and that’s boxing.

‘So if he comes and does exhibitions and charity to give money to those who need it, absolute full support. Then if that leads to something, we will see. He will have to have a license, so many things need to happen before we entertain the idea of him fighting for the world title.

‘He’s 53 years old and it is just a matter of understanding the need of expectation that boxing media and boxing fans have. So I am having a lot of fun with it, I am supporting it 100%, and if someone wants to say he is going to fight for the title, I would say, “He will!” and the WBC will be there.’

He continued: ‘It has brought great, positive attention to the sport. Why? Because Mike Tyson is a hero, an icon.

‘He fell into very difficult times, as many have done, and now it’s boxing that is bringing him back in fitness, he’s feeling great, he’s feeling mentally enthusiastic. And to do what he’s planning to do, an exhibition match to create funds for charity, there’s nothing more positive than that.

‘Since day one we of course supported, and will support, anything that has to do with Mike Tyson’s activity in that regard. So I’m very excited and to see exhibitions is fun.

‘And of course it will be with the absolute care of the medicals and the testing and the complete protocol to make sure whoever is in the ring is in top shape and has no additional risks. With headgear, 18oz gloves, so very entertaining, very fun.’

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