World’s Scariest Man ‘puts on 6lbs in an hour’ after beast-like training session

Martyn Ford claims he added about 'six pounds' of mass in an hour of working out.

The World’s Scariest Man, 39, posted an image of himself during a hard training session at the gym on Sunday. Ford said that he was lifting the weights even though he is yet to be matched with anyone for an upcoming bout.

He wrote on Instagram “Well, with no clear date in mind to fight, thought I'd do a cheeky bodybuilding session guess muscle memory is a real thing … thing I've added about 6lb in an hour .”

To put that figure into perspective, the average person typically puts on somewhere between two and four pounds a month if they are eating the right meals and training hard.

Ford is still waiting for his martial arts debut after his bout against Sajad Gharibi, also known as the ‘Iranian Hulk’, was called off earlier this year, much to the disappointment of fans.

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The pair were supposed to meet at the O2 Arena in London last month but it was announced that the pair’s fight had to be cancelled. It was initially not clear why it was stopped but Ford recently admitted that he called off the fight as he had fears over the mental well-being of his foe.

But he remains keen to face up another challenger in the ring, even in MMA. Indeed, Ford has his eye on promotion KSW.

“One hundred per cent I am planning on getting involved in MMA,” Ford told the Mirror. “I am already speaking to KSW. This is something that was set pre-covid. I have still been doing pieces of Jiu-Jitsu and stuff. They are looking at coming to London in October, and that is an event I would love to get involved with.”

“It just needs to be the right person and right time, my feelers have been put out there to try and get this set up as soon as possible, Ford said. I understand the frustration from people about not yet seeing me fight. I am still training, the only thing I am not doing is active sparring.

"I have switched back to its resistance and explosive power. If something does happen which I am hoping I can sign up too soon, I have been training and dedicating so much time and effort to it.”

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