YouTube star Jake Paul destroys Nate Robinson in ‘vicious’ knockout

YouTube star Jake Paul has absolutely destroyed former NBA player Nate Robinson in a second round knockout on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr undercard.

Paul dropped Robinson twice in the first round, but the three-time NBA slam dunk contest champion was allowed to continue despite struggling to get back on his feet well after a standard 10-count would have seen the fight ended because the fight was sanctioned as an exhibition fight with a no knock-out clause.

However, the third time Paul dropped Robinson the fight was officially called when Robinson face-plated coming forward following another painful jab.

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It was all over after Paul landed a third heavy right hand. The contest was officially over 1.35mins into the second round.

Robinson failed to get back to his feet for several minutes and was lying on the deck motionless for several minutes.

He was unable to get back to his feet for the official decision.

Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson 😳😳😳


Fight commentators were left disgusted by that the California State Athletic Commission allowed the fight to go ahead after the exhibition showed Robinson was clearly out of his depth and had no idea what he was doing.

Jake Paul celebrates destroyed Nate Robinson.Source:AFP

“Jake Paul just face planted Nate Robinson with a VICIOUS knockout,” combat sports commentator Damon Martin described the knockout as “vicious”.

Veteran boxing commentator Teddy Atlas could see the fight wasn’t going to end well early in the contest.

“Robinson- Paul, this is not a fight, it’s about to be goodnight, all Paul has to do is throw punch as Robinson comes,” he posted on Twitter.

“I don’t care about athletes or not, stop allowing guys who don’t know how to fight into ring!! Paul has actually trained to fight. Awful.

“Sad. Dangerous. Again, why have a California Commission if they allow this?”

Paul continued to call out UFC superstar Conor McGregor after his win.

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