AFL coach points out painful rule error he doesn’t want to see

Ollie Wines was “stiffed” by the AFL’s controversial man on the mark rule and Port coach Ken Hinkley doesn’t want to see it again.

The Power mentor has highlighted the worst example of a player being whacked with a 50m penalty as a result of vehement umpiring surrounding the grey new interpretation.

Hinkley was in the coaches’ box during Port’s win over North Melbourne on Sunday when Wines was pinged when manning the mark 30m out during a North Melbourne set shot for goal.

He followed the rules to the law and set himself stationary when the whistle-blower called “stand”.

Wines, however, took one step backwards as he prepared himself to jump up on the mark, but the minor movement was enough to gift North Melbourne a goal.

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Ollie Wines was stiffed. Photo: Fox Footy, Facebook.Source:Facebook

The free kick was highlighted by Hinkley during Monday night’s episode of Fox Footy’s AFL 360 which also showed the free kicks given away by Carlton’s Blues’ utility Sam Petrevski-Seton and Western Bulldogs player Alex Keath.

“The two you talked about first are the way we want it. That’s the way we’d like it to be umpired. I think we all accept that. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Ollie one is one we don’t want to see,” Hinkley said.

“I don’t think the umpires would want to call that. I don’t think the players would want to call that. I don’t think the fans would want to call that. That had no disruption to the game. That had no disruption to the kick.

“It was a slight movement and I think with natural progression and adjustment that will disappear probably quite quickly. But the players knew to be fair. Ollie accepted it and moved on. He’d say, ‘Yeah, you got me, letter of the law’. I don’t think it’s one we want to see as much though.”

Host Gerard Whateley said Wines had been “stiffed”.

The AFL’s new standing the mark rule divided the footy world in Richmond’s season-opening 25-point win against Carlton on Thursday night, leaving many commentators scratching their heads about the officiating.

The free kick that allowed Josh Caddy to kick the final goal of the first half. Photo: Kayo.Source:Supplied

Petrevski-Seton’s stutter-step while manning the mark on centre wing resulted in a 50m penalty that saw Josh Caddy convert a goal just before half time, handing the Tigers a fourth straight goal before half time.

You’ll have to pardon his language, but North Melbourne great Corey McKernan was incensed.

What the fuck has our game become.

Under the new rule, players are essentially prohibited from moving side-to-side more than a metre while on the mark this year — once the umpire has called stand in the seconds following a mark or free-kick.

It comes after the AFL came under criticism for introducing the 23rd player and medical substitution rule just days before the season opener.

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