Are the Jets, Giants, Vikings and Ravens in trouble? How each contender got exposed Sunday

    Bill Barnwell is a staff writer for

Week 11 saw some of the NFL’s winningest teams wither under the spotlight. The Ravens struggled for three and a half quarters before eventually edging the Panthers. The Giants lost at home by two scores to the Lions. The Jets delivered one of the worst offensive performances in recent memory before giving up a game-deciding punt return for a score in the final minute of the game. And the 8-1 Vikings, fresh off their dramatic win over the Bills, laid such an egg against the Cowboys that CBS cut away from the game in the middle of the third quarter.

Four teams that had a combined record of 27-9 heading into Sunday turned in one narrow victory and three ugly losses. Were these four would-be contenders exposed in the final week before Thanksgiving? Or was this just a bad day at the office? Let’s take a closer look and get a better sense of what went wrong, starting with the most dramatic loss of the day.

New York Jets (6-4)

Lost 10-3 to the New England Patriots

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