Bombshell positive rocks world champs

The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrations are well underway after they took care of business against the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday to win the World Series 4-2.

Immediately following the ninth innings when the world series trophy was wrapped up, the damning breaking news dropped.

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A pre-game COVID-19 test returned positive halfway through the game and Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was removed from the contest.

“After the completion of the game tonight, we were informed by major league baseball that Justin Turner received a positive COVID test and that’s why he was removed from the game. We have no other details at this time, we’ll continue to report on this developing story,” a Fox Sports presenter said.

ESPN’s Jeff Pasan confirmed the news of Turner’s positive test.

Sources confirm to ESPN that Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19 and was removed from Game 6 of the World Series.

Questions were immediately raised as to why Turner was even allowed to play in the game before getting his results back.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred spoke after the game and didn’t provide a great deal of clarity around why he was allowed to play in Game 6.

“We learned during the game that Justin had tested positive, he was immediately isolated to prevent spread,” Manfred said.

Unfortunately Turner had spent the first half of the game alongside his teammates in the dugout before he was removed from the game.

The rest of the Dodgers team then celebrated the 3-1 win to seal the World Series with their friends and family on the ground.

The Dodgers did it.Source:Getty Images

Fans watching on and even reporters trying to keep up to date with the process were left baffled as to how this unfolded.

“My mind is blown that this chain of events took place,” Boston Celtics reporter Marc D’Amico wrote.

The Star Ledger reporter Brendan Kuty wrote: “Rob Manfred says MLB learned during the game that Justin Turner had tested positive for the coronavirus. How does that happen? How do they let players on the field without knowing the results of the latest tests? MLB has SO much explaining to do. MLB screwed up.”

ESPN’s Jeff Passan provided some clarity surrounding the testing and the return of Turner’s test results along with what will now happen for the Dodgers.

“In the second inning tonight, the lab doing COVID tests informed MLB that Justin Turner’s test from yesterday came back inconclusive. The samples from today had just arrived and were run. It showed up positive. The league immediately called the Dodgers and said to pull Turner,” Passan wrote.

“When the Dodgers return to their hotel tonight, everybody will be given a rapid PCR test. On the field right now, as they celebrate, the Dodgers are wearing masks. Unclear as to whether they’ll stay in Dallas area before traveling back to Los Angeles. Situation fluid right now.”

Some photos of Justin Turner from tonight with no one wearing masks

Justin Turner was allowed to play with a pending test result, then stayed in the game for five innings after that test came back inconclusive. That is…an incredibly stupid system.

Turner was quick to let his fans know how he was feeling immediately after the celebrations have wrapped up on the field.

“Thanks to everyone reaching out! I feel great, no symptoms at all. Just experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine. Can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to celebrate with my guys! So proud of this team & unbelievably happy for the City of LA,” Turner wrote.

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