Chargers’ Justin Herbert got a haircut, going from flowing locks to a near-buzz cut

Justin Herbert got a haircut. And no, not just a simple trim. The Chargers’ rookie quarterback looks totally different.

The former Oregon star went from flowing brown locks to, well, no flow. It’s not quite a super-tight buzz cut, but it’s close. Herbert’s ears and forehead and neck are totally free of hair.

Herbert told media that this was the first haircut he’s gotten since either 2017 or 2018. He added that Chargers strength and conditioning coach John Lott cut his hair. 

“He said he was good with the clippers,” Herbert told reporters Wednesday. “I think he did a good job.”

Before the 2020 NFL Draft, Herbert was announced as a spokesman for Head & Shoulders shampoo. At the time, Herbert said of his hair: “It does take some work. The past few years, I’ve realized how much work it is and fortunately Head & Shoulders sends me enough products that I’ve been able to take care of it.”

Now, Herbert will be needing a lot less shampoo, and he’ll be hoping that his individual play isn’t a case of Samson or a lucky hairbrush. Since taking over as LA’s starter in Week 2, Herbert has thrown for 2,333 yards and 19 touchdowns compared with six interceptions.

Herbert might be taking one for the team, though. The Chargers are 2-7 on the season (1-7 with Herbert starting), and maybe Herbert’s haircut will somehow create the mojo Los Angeles needs in the second half. Herbert’s first game sans long hair will come Sunday in Week 11 against the winless Jets.

Twitter was also quick to react to Herbert’s haircut.

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