Christian McCaffrey’s ‘bougie’ training camp room amazes his teammates

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Carolina Panthers rookie quarterback Matt Corral had to go shopping for a blanket and pillow on Tuesday when he arrived for training camp to make his Wofford dormitory room livable.

Running back Christian McCaffrey arrived with enough supplies to make his room almost palatial, or as he called it the “bougiest room on the team.”

“I’ve got a lot of stuff in my room, I’ll be honest with you,” McCaffrey said with a smile. “Definitely a bougie room.

“But I like to come back to my room and [be] comfortable. It looks like half of a training room and half of a Four Seasons room.”

Yes, McCaffrey used the term “bougie.” The word stems from bourgeoisie, a French word that means of “middle class status.” The word also means “wax candle,” and apparently McCaffrey brought plenty of those.

“I mean, he’s got all the candles . . . he’s got as many blankets as you could ever dream of,” quarterback Sam Darnold said when describing McCaffrey’s room. “Which I love, you know. It’s great to be able to have those things and do it that way.”

“But, you know, being here for a couple of weeks I figured maybe one candle would be good. I might go to Target and get a candle. That’s a good idea. He’s got a lot of stuff for recovery in there too. So yeah, he’s got it made.”

The comfort for McCaffrey starts with a rug “to make sure I step on a comfortable rug in the morning.”

Corral hasn’t reached that level yet.

“I wasn’t aware of what we were getting supplied with,” Corral said. “I came empty handed. I had to do a Target trip, but we got it situated. I had to get a blanket and a pillow. It was just a little sheet in the room with a little blanket and cold in there.”

McCaffrey having the most dressed up room entering his sixth year in the NFL shouldn’t come as any surprise. In 2020, after becoming the league’s highest-paid back with an average of $16 million a year, he and girlfriend Olivia Culpo moved into an 11,000-square foot, six-bedroom, 7.5 bathroom house valued at $7.5 million.

The home has been described as a French-style castle on Lake Norman just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. It originally was inspired by the countryside of France, the Grand Lac Chateau. His dorm room might be more like a walk-in closet at home.

McCaffrey insists his dorm room isn’t larger than any of his teammates, many like Corral who had to make Target trips for supplies after arriving on campus. But the room definitely wins the award for best dressed.

“My room looks nice,” McCaffrey said with a smile. “It’s not bigger than the other rooms, but a lot of effort goes into making it comfortable.”

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