Cody Bellinger’s home run became an RBI single in Dodgers’ bizarre blunder

DENVER — Opening day always provides some strange occurrences you don’t find once the rust comes off, but it’s hard to remember anything like a player’s own teammate robbing him of a home run.


It happened in the third inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ game against the Colorado Rockies with Cody Bellinger at the plate and Justin Turner on first base .

Bellinger hit a deep fly ball over Rockies left fielder Raimel Tapia’s head into the left-field seats.

Bellinger rounded first base, celebrating his home run, only to see teammate Justin Turner sprinting past him back to first base.

Turner thought that Tapia, who had leaded high against the fence, caught the ball. Tapia actually thought he did too, wondering where the ball went.

Turner, watching Tapia,  scurried back to first base. He wanted to make sure that he wasn’t doubled up.

But Tapia didn't had the ball. It was in the seats.

Cody Bellinger hit a home run with Justin Turner on base, but Turner thought it was caught for an out and ran back to first base.

Bellinger passed Turner on the bases and was ruled out.

The home run counted for one run instead of two.

Bellinger, much to his surprise, saw Turner run past him, turned around, and pleaded with first base umpire Chris Conroy that it was a homer.

No argument there.

But the fact that he passed him on the basepaths meant that Bellinger was out.

Turner sheepishly trotted around the bases and scored.

So, instead of a two-run homer, Bellinger was credited with a run-scoring single.

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