Cowboys drama suggests some players respected Jason Garrett more than Mike McCarthy

By the time Jason Garrett’s tenure as Cowboys head coach ended, it was assumed almost anyone else would find more popularity in his role.

After six games, though, Mike McCarthy’s staff is under attack from within. Following a 38-10 loss to the Cardinals, several players anonymously trashed their new coaches for being “totally unprepared” to face Arizona. Their comments insinuate things were done better under Garrett, a surprising conclusion given the team’s penchant for disappointing under their former coach.

“(Our coaches) just aren’t good at their jobs,” one Cowboys player told NFL Network’s Jane Slater.

It’s surprising to hear criticism of coaching basics, considering the wealth of experience on McCarthy’s staff. Three former NFL head coaches work under McCarthy, who before coming to Dallas led the Packers for 13 seasons. He also won a Super Bowl in Green Bay.

It’s difficult to know, then, whether the call-out of leadership comes from legitimate issues or as a way of deflecting blame for poor performances.

In any case, Cowboys players apparently being used to a higher coaching standard is fascinating after the way the Garrett era ended last year.

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