Deandre Baker has armed robbery charges dropped; victims’ lawyer faces extortion charge

The case against Deandre Baker is too crazy to be on “Law & Order.”

Baker, the former Giants first-round pick, had all charges stemming from an alleged armed robbery dropped on Monday, after the lawyer of three of the four victims in the armed robbery case was arrested in Broward County, Fla. The attorney is facing an extortion charge.

Per the New York Daily News’ Pat Leonard, William Dean, the attorney, told Baker’s attorney that the victims wanted $266,000 and, in exchange, would either change their sworn statements made to police or would refuse to cooperate with prosecutors in the case, thus weakening the case against Baker.

Dunbar, still an active member of the Seahawks, had all charges dropped against him in August, while Baker faced four counts of armed robbery with a firearm.

The Giants cut Baker in early September with the case then moving forward.

The alleged incident occurred in May, when victims alleged that Baker and Dunbar forcefully stole watches and money from them at a house party. Dunbar was not charged, with the prosecutor citing insufficient evidence. 

Baker, 23, is a free agent.

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