Defensive HOFers, Brees, Rodgers highlight tonight's re-airs

Rivalries take on many forms, and Saturday’s NFL replays offer two distinctly different types. And they’re full of current and future Hall of Famers.

Do you prefer a defensive showdown featuring featuring three of the best players from the 2000s, or a shootout involving two of the best quarterbacks of all time? How about both?

A classic Steelers-Ravens tilt from 2010 featuring Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu leads off NBC Sports Network’s doubleheader on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET. Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers then offer another brand of fireworks at 10 p.m. ET as the Saints take on the Packers in the league’s 2011 Kickoff Game.

The first meeting on NBCSN’s docket decided the AFC North title, per usual, and set up a Divisional Round contest between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. This Week 13 matchup was ultimately defined by, you guessed it, a huge defensive play from one of the aforementioned legends. The two teams combined for just 23 points and 97 rushing yards.

The Saints-Packers game falls on the opposite end of the spectrum. Brees and Rodgers, owners of the previous two Super Bowl MVPs heading into this season opener, combine for 731 passing yards and six touchdowns. Interestingly, the winner needed a defensive stop at the goal line on the final play.

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