Former NFL QB Bobby Hebert Jr’s father dies from coronavirus

The father of former NFL quarterback Bobby Hebert Jr. died Saturday after testing positive for coronavirus, according to a statement from the family. 

Bobby Hebert Sr. was 81 years old.

“Without my father I never would have been able to accomplish my dreams, I never would have made it to NFL,” the statement said via WWL Radio in New Orleans and attributed to the family. “He was the reason I made it. I owe everything to him. I remember when I played in my first game with the USFL in 1983, he turned to me and said, 'We made it.'"

Hebert Jr. played for the New Orleans Saints and Falcons during his 11-year NFL career (1985-96).

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Hebert Jr. is now an analyst on WWL. On the station Friday, he called his dad a “fighter" after he had beat colon cancer and survived several strokes and a birth defect in his heart that required open-heart surgery. 

“You can be tough and the virus can still overwhelm you,” he said. 

"I'm kinda numb and shocked," Hebert Jr. said Friday. "You get numb and then sometimes you don't want to accept reality and what you are dealing with."

Hebert. Jr.'s son T-Bob posted on Twitter on Saturday afternoon about losing his grandfather, saying, "He is the wisest, kindest, and most tactful person I have ever known."

This is my namesake Bobby Hebert Sr

He is the wisest, kindest, and most tactful person I have ever known

He passed this morning and I love him and I will miss him

He loved LSU to his core and instilled that love in me

“Jolie l’lait d’vivre”

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