How long was the Super Bowl national anthem in 2021? Eric Church, Jazmine Sullivan hit betting over

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan made some bettors very happy (and others very sad) with their rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl 55.

The country and R&B stars combined on a duet of “The Star Spangled Banner” as part of the pregame ceremonies in Tampa, Florida before the Chiefs took on the Buccaneers. Heading into the performance, the common theme in analysis of national anthem length centered around the nature of a duet anthem. Usually, those take a longer time than an individual anthem would by itself. There was also intrigue surrounding how Church and Sullivan, from two different musical genres, would sound performing together.

You can be the judge for yourself:

Below, we’ve broken down just how long the Church/Sullivan national anthem was while also providing a history of anthem lengths at the Super Bowl — they’ve generally trended up over time.

How long was the Super Bowl national anthem in 2021?

The Super Bowl national anthem in 2021 lasted unofficially two minutes and 16 seconds, from the start of the first word song to the end of the final held note.

Church and Sullivan split the duties at the opening of the anthem, with Church beginning on his guitar and the opening lyrics. Sullivan came in next for a portion of the song before the duo finished strong together. For a moment or two, it looked like it’d finish around two minutes, but Church and Sullivan really held out the last stanza of the song.

What was the Super Bowl national anthem over/under?

To those unfamiliar with betting lines, those odds mean the expectation was that the anthem would last shorter than 1:59, making the under the favorite. 

However, as SN’s Matt Lutovsky analyzed, five of the last six Super Bowls prior to 2021 saw the national anthem go over the betting line. Church and Sullivan were no exception, letting their duet play out long enough to hit the two-minute mark in Tampa. 

History of Super Bowl national anthem lengths

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