Jaguars’ Gardner Minshew offers unique explanation for warding off coronavirus

Coronavirus can’t contain Minshew Mania.

The second-year Jags QB was placed on the NFL’s COVID-19 list just a few days ago, putting the start of his season in jeopardy. Well, things were quick to change, and now Minshew is off the list and ready to play.

Some were wondering how that happened, and speaking with the media on Tuesday, Minshew offered some clarification as to what exactly happened with the coronavirus, and how he managed to avoid it:

The NFL’s coronavirus policies dictate that players who either: 1) Test positive for the virus or; 2) Have come in contact with others who have had COVID-19 be placed on their reserve/COVID-19 list while being tested to make sure that player doesn’t have the virus. Minshew apparently didn’t test positive for the virus if he’s back this quickly.

So, this remedy might work for Gardner Minshew, but you, fair reader, are not Gardner Minshew. So, a friendly reminder: Please wash your hands, wear a mask and keep your distance from others, the best advice the CDC has to offer.

Some on Twitter chimed in after the news:

As the medical world still races to find a vaccine, maybe the answer is in Minshew’s mustache.

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