Lynn: Chargers looking at everybody, including Cam

The Chargers maintain Tyrod Taylor is in position to be their starting quarterback. That has not changed.

But for the first time since Cam Newton parted with the Panthers, Anthony Lynn directly answered a question regarding the free-agent quarterback.

"Cam’s a good quarterback," Lynn said Wednesday during a conference call, via Jason Hirschhorn of Sports Illustrated’s ChargerReport. "He’s done a lot of good things with the Panthers. He led them to a Super Bowl. Didn’t quite get the job done, but he was a big reason why they were there. He’s had some injuries. But if he’s healthy, he’ll be a good quarterback for somebody."

Could somebody end up being the Chargers?

"We’re looking at everybody, man," Lynn said. "I want to turn over every single rock. So yeah, we’re looking at everybody."

Newton indeed falls under the category of everybody. Player movement continues in the NFL via remote tools of communication, so it makes sense for the Chargers to turn over the rock under which they’d find Newton, a player who could provide Los Angeles with star power and the potential for success if he can regain his powers from seasons past. Such a process would require verifying Newton’s health, but a pairing is still possible.

It probably won’t happen for a while, though, because of the need to examine Newton before talking contract terms, something that can’t happen until teams are able to physically occupy their facilities and travel. For now, and for the foreseeable future, it’s Taylor’s team.

"Obviously, I brought [Taylor] in last year, and I knew if we needed him to start if something happened to Phil that he could go in," Lynn said. "I’m very familiar with Tyrod. I would say right now he’s in the driver’s seat. But no position is finalized until we get to training camp."

Training camp is still far from now. There’s plenty of time for the two sides to work something out — or decide its best if the Chargers go in their own direction and hand the keys to Taylor.

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