‘Mayhem’: Australian catches ball for ultimate Super Bowl souvenir

An Australian man has taken home the ultimate piece of memorabilia from Monday’s Super Bowl, after he caught the match-winning field goal in Arizona.

Eamonn Dixon, 40, wasn’t planning on going to this year’s Super Bowl, but ended up in the right place at the right time when the ball ended up in his lap in the packed State Farm Stadium.

Eamonn Dixon holds the ball he caught in Arizona.

That field goal was the difference for the Kansas City Chiefs, who pulled off a thrilling 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Chiefs’ second win in four years.

“It’s always been a bucket list item to go to the Super Bowl so it’s pretty awesome the way it turned out,” Dixon told 3AW.

“You don’t expect it, that’s why I was a bit taken aback … luckily I held on to both the phone and the ball.

“I didn’t drop the phone and luckily I wasn’t holding a beer as well, that would have been a bit awkward.”

Dixon, who grew up in North Fitzroy in Melbourne, said he had to carefully navigate his way out of the stadium without the ball being pinched.

“I caught it and then there was a bit of mayhem,” he said.

“It was a pretty exciting game and everyone was asking for photos with me and giving me high-fives and then the security guard tapped me on the shoulder and he said I think you should get out of here pretty quickly with that thing before some other people try to grab it. I did that and now I’m sitting in my hotel room holding it.

“Everyone was trying to get it off me but one of my friends who I was with, I shoved it in her bag and we sort of got ushered towards the exit and all of a sudden I was out in the car park. It was all just a bit of a blur.”

Dixon wasn’t even meant to be at the game, but an advertising client offered him the rare chance to go. He caught a late flight from his home in San Francisco to get to the game in Arizona just in time.

“I didn’t have a ticket to the game but one of my incredible Doritos clients called me up in the morning and said that a spare ticket had become available,” he said.

“I got to the game just as the national anthem was being sung. I was just sitting there and then four quarters later the ball just sort of fell in my lap which was pretty surreal.”

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