NFL Week 15 coverage map: TV schedule for CBS, Fox regional broadcasts

The Chiefs vs. Saints game wasn’t scheduled for prime time, but it still winds up as a national TV game in Week 15.

CBS is carrying two broadcasts in every region across the country Sunday, and since Kansas City at New Orleans is the only game on its late-slate docket, it’ll be the game everyone sees at 4:25 p.m. ET on CBS. That is, except for Arizona, which misses out on the game due to NFL contractual obligations (but will still get Eagles at Cardinals in the late window).

In the early window, if you’re in the western half of the United States, hope you like meaningless Cowboys games. That’s what you’ll be watching when Dallas hosts San Francisco in a game that was flexed out of Sunday Night Football. But the eastern half of the U.S. catches a break on that one with a much more colorful coverage map in the early-afternoon window on CBS.

Below are the full NFL coverage maps for Week 15, plus a list of major TV markets and the CBS and Fox games that will be presented in each on Sunday.

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NFL coverage map Week 15

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Red : Buccaneers at Falcons

Blue: Seahawks at Washington

Green: Bears at Vikings

Yellow: Jets at Rams (Late)

Orange: Eagles at Cardinals (Late)


Red:  Patriots at Dolphins

Blue:  49ers at Cowboys

Green:  Texans at Colts

Yellow:  Jaguars at Ravens

Orange:  Lions at Titans


Red:  Chiefs at Saints

Gray:  NO GAME due to NFL contractual obligations

TV schedule for NFL Week 15 games

Below are the Sunday afternoon NFL games that will be broadcast regionally. There’s more non-Sunday action than usual, with the Chargers having played the Raiders on Thursday, then the Bills-Broncos and Packers-Panthers games taking place Saturday. Sunday night will feature Browns vs. Giants, and then Monday night closes the week with Steelers vs. Bengals.

CBS coverage

Fox coverage

List of Week 15 NFL games by TV market

(TV markets listed in order by size)

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