Tom Brady uses Michael Jordan ‘Last Dance’ meme to make 28-3 reference

What happens when you combine the overplayed “My plans vs. 2020” Twitter joke, a Michael Jordan “Last Dance” meme and a GOAT in a different sport? You get that GOAT delivering “28-3” content.

Tom Brady (or his social team) on Tuesday added salt to the still-fresh wounds of Falcons fans who are still processing Atlanta’s collapse against New England in Super Bowl 51. Now, they also have to deal with being sort-of trolled by the guy who helped to bring about the collapse (well, Brady and Kyle Shanahan, but mostly Brady).

Of course, the replies borrowed other memes from the just-ended MJ documentary/authorized Jordan biography:

Brady knows full well he’s in the Falcons’ division this year and will have to travel to Atlanta to face fans whose hearts are still on the ground. Good thing for him that Tompa Bay isn’t scheduled to play there until Week 15, just before Christmas. Surely, the fans will be in the holiday spirit and let this pass, right?

UPDATE: Well, if the Falcons’ reaction to ESPN’s original tweet is an indication . . .

. . . Then this will not be forgotten.

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